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In this episode, we talk with Sebastien Borget co-founder of The Sandbox; one of the most popular virtual worlds in the Metaverse.These days, virtual worlds are more than just people playing games. Imagine a virtual world with land, assets, buildings, events and fashion you can buy. How about a virtual world with economies, entrepreneurs creating
In this episode, we talk with Liam D, a successful NFT trader. There is a whole community out there that trades NFTs for a living. We wanted to invite one of those traders to the show to see what their world is like and what kind of strategy they use to trade NFTs full-time. Liam
In this episode, we talk about marketing in the Web3 space with Amanda Cassatt from Seratonin and Mojito. Amanda is a marketing genius who helped start some of the most well-known projects in web3 she has helped grow Decentraland, PROOF, Moonbirds, gmoney, Ethereum and many more. As we all know, the marketing landscape is changing
In this foundation episode, your host Howard Kingston will answer the most common questions about NFTs. Some people say that NFTs are a cultural movement. Some NFTs have sold for millions of dollars – like the NFT sold for $39 million USD in Christie’s auction. But other people say they’re pointless and stupid. So what’s
In this episode, we are talking about the Ethereum Merge with Dmitry Buterin. He is the father of Vitalik Buterin- who created Ethereum. The Ethereum merge is a HUGE event that’s going to impact everything from NFTs to Cryptocurrencies to Web3 to the Metaverse. Some people say it is the biggest event in crypto, while

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